Empowering you to live your best life, naturally.

Everything starts with the mother plant, which is hand-selected for aroma and appeal, and grown to maturity.
Our harvest team is made up of local farmers and artisans with years of experience in growing.
We maintain a 60/60 curing and drying temperature to maximize the smell, look and taste of every crop.
Professional hand-trimming technicians touch up the final product before sending it for testing.
Test & Package
All products are lab-tested to certify THC and CBD levels, and ensure that it is pesticide-free. Select nugs that make the cut are then packaged into pre-rolls, blunts, eighths, oils or concentrates.
  • Our roots

    Cannafornia is a cultivator, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality cannabis based in Salinas, California.

    Founded in 2017 by South Florida native Paul King, Cannafornia’s mission is to connect recreational and medical cannabis consumers with quality and competitively priced safe and clean cannabis products.

    Celebrating the culmination of years-long efforts to legalize recreational use of marijuana in the state of California, we are committed to continue pushing the industry forward with innovative products that consumers can trust and rely on.

    With our country in the midst of an opioid epidemic – which claims more than 115 lives each day in the United States – Cannafornia is on the frontlines of helping bring awareness to the benefits and healing properties of this God-given plant; in hopes that more people will put down the pills and pick up the plant.

    Lab Tested

    All of our strains are tested for quality and potency to ensure access to a safeand consistent product.


    We are proud to employ local contractors and utilize local resources.


    We stand by healthy, sustainable and pesticide-free farming practices.

  • The farm

    Salinas, CA

    Nestled in the heart of Monterey County lies the Salinas Valley; an agricultural paradise of fertile soil and salty air. As “The Salad Bowl” of the world, the region is responsible for over 70% of the country’s lettuce crops. Its abundant sunshine and temperate sea breeze makes it the perfect micro-climate for growing – and it’s why we chose to plant our roots here.

    A quick history lesson: in the 1980s, Salinas was the leading producer of ornamental flowers; roses, tulips, orchids and daises galore. And then globalization happened. Unable to compete with imported goods, particularly from Latin America where costs are lower and environmental laws more lenient, the market dried up. Today, with California at the forefront of the medical marijuana industry, the region is once again booming – and blooming – with a new flower: cannabis.

    With over 200,000 square feet of greenhouse space, Cannafornia is now the largest producer of cannabis in the state. We let mother nature take its course; using weather, beneficial insects and pesticide-free cultivation techniques to produce sun-grown OG cannabis.

  • Our process

    Greenhouse Effect

    From seed to flower, the entire production process is handled in-house. Water is the only outside element, so there is virtually no risk of contamination. The result? Top shelf, pesticide-free OG cannabis. Benefits include:

    • Year-round cannabis cultivation
    • Weather and climate control
    • Natural sunlight for a natural plant
    • Cost-effective – which means we can pass