The headiest hybrids you’ve ever seen. Taking a look at Cannafornia’s freshly harvested hybrid strains perfect for fall.

What’s better than a great hybrid strain, a cup of coffee, and autumn weather? Not much!

That’s why we’re bringing you Cannafornia’s best freshly harvested hybrid strains for fall!

This article highlights our top hybrid strains of the 2019 fall season. Get your hands on some of these nugs soon or you’ll be forced to wait until the next harvest!

Pacific OG

Our Pacific OG is exactly what you want from a perfectly balanced, ocean-grown hybrid. With a high potency of nearly 20% THC on average, this strain has those classic Kush family earthy, dank flavors that you know and love.

These nugs are covered what looks like frosty snow caps and have a powerful and pleasing aroma that’s like sipping lemonade in a fresh forest.

Being a balanced hybrid with almost 50/50 genetics of indica and sativa, expect an intense and activating cerebral high that fades into relaxation and munchies.

Fresh Harvest: Cannafornia’s Best Hybrid Strains For Fall 2019 | Cannafornia

Blackberry Cookies

This phenotype is not what it appears. It’s actually an indica-dominant cross between Black Domino and Raspberry Cough that weighs in at up to 20% THC content (on average).

Blackberry Cookies is a hard-hitting hybrid that has an earthy, sweet berry flavor and aroma. The flowers are a beautiful dark green and purple color and they look like plump little tart berries with extruding orange hairs.

The buds are relatively dense but have a loose structure that gives them a crunchy texture. This hybrid is perfectly paired with evening teatime, nighttime sessions, or campfire socials.

Cadillac Cookies

Cadillac Cookies is similar to Blackberry cookies, but has a heavier effect due to a higher THC potency of over 23%.

This indica-dominant cross comes from the iconic Cadillac Purple and everyone’s favorite, Platinum Cookies. Cadillac Cookies is a strain designed to make you stop and enjoy the flowers.

Intense berry and fruit flavors from its Purple family highlight these flowers, and the smoke has that delicious sweet and spicy essence that comes from its Cookies side.

This hybrid is best reserved for relief and relaxation at the end of the day. After a few puffs of Cadillac Cookies, don’t expect to accomplish anything beyond relaxing for at least a couple of hours.

Chem Dawg

Chem Dawg is a legendary indica-dominant strain that’s perfect for getting the party started. Ranging from 15%-20% THC, this hybrid is known for extremely loud diesel pungency and earthy undertones.

The flowers are dense and taste just as good as they smell. Expect a powerful high that is mood boosting, cerebrally activating, and pairs well with active and creative lifestyles.

Chem Dawg is a fan favorite because it’s powerful but doesn’t put you into couch lock as quickly as other indica-dominant hybrids. Instead, the high is incredibly stimulating while also activating whole body relief.

Magnum PI

Sativa -dominant hybrid, Magnum PI is a delicious strain rumored to be of South-Pacific origins. With super high potency, incredible tropical fruity flavors, and joyful, stimulating effects what’s not to love about Magnum PI?

Magnum PI hits up to 20% THC content and has a pervasive and irresistible fruity aroma. The buds are quite dense despite their sativa genetics and have a light to dark green color with an abundance of orange hairs.

The high is exactly what you want from this kind of hybrid. It’s uplifting and energetic with a light, blissful fadeout, and none of the deep indica couch lock vibe.

Fresh Harvest: Cannafornia’s Best Hybrid Strains For Fall 2019 | Cannafornia THC

Silver Lotus

Silver Lotus (a guaranteed hit for anyone who loves high potency sativa vibes) was born by crossing Super Silver Haze with Snow Lotus.

 This hybrid boasts more than 20% THC content on average and has an incredible floral and citrus aroma. Its buds are elongated more than fat thanks to genetics, but dense, nonetheless.

Silver Lotus has a deep cerebral effect that is said to be creatively stimulating. At first onset it is energizing and the high fades into a powerful deep body relaxation.

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