Check out these massively creative joint rollers as we count down the most incredible and unbelievable joints ever rolled.

Are you the best joint roller in your social circle of cannabis lovers?

Among cannabis aficionadas exists an unspoken respect for creative and talented joint rollers.

That’s why today we’re sharing the 10 craziest joints ever rolled.

We’ve got everything from your old-fashioned cross-joints to massively artistic, fully smokable masterpieces.

10. The Dutch Tulip Joint

10 of the Craziest Joints Ever Rolled - Cannafornia CBD Products

If anyone knows a thing or two about rolling joints it’s likely the Dutch. That’s why the Dutch Tulip is coming in at our number ten spot.

It’s got a big bell that burns down to the stem, which is a fairly large joint by itself.

This cool way to roll a fatty joint is a standard go-to for beginner’s looking to get into creative joint rolling.

9. Rolling Cross-Joints With Seth Rogen

If you ever watched the classic stoner movie, Pineapple Express, than you probably remember the infamous cross joint.

A level up from the Dutch Tulip, this roll requires some penetration skills.

Meaning you have to cross one joint into another without compromising the airflow.

Did you think we meant something else?!? C

heck out this cool How-To Roll A Cross Joint tutorial with the master himself, Seth Rogan.

8. Scorpion Joint

10 of the Craziest Joints Ever Rolled - Cannafornia CBD Products

Yet another level up from the Dutch Tulip and the Cross Joint is the Scorpion Joint.

This one is perfect for when you want to get your friends blazed, freak them out, and impress them with your rolling skills all at once.

7. $24,000 elephant tusk joint

10 of the Craziest Joints Ever Rolled - Cannafornia CBD Products

At number 5, we’re getting into the real deal with this $24,000 Elephant Tusk Joint rolled with 24-K gold rolling papers.

Commissioned for an LA-based cannabis company, this enormous and costly work of cannabis-art was made for an exclusive celebration.

The founder of Stone Road farms, Lex Corwin, held the event to celebrate reaching successful milestones.

It took world-renowned joint rolling artist, Weaver, two weeks to roll up the total one pound of flower and bubble hash, along with six ounces of solventless concentrate.

Once finished, the elephant tusk joint weighed 1.5 pounds and measured 2.5 feet long.

It was ultimately auctioned off at a fraction of the cost for $4,000 benefiting the African Wildlife Foundation.

6. Five Pound Bazooka Blunt

10 of the Craziest Joints Ever Rolled - Cannafornia CBD Products

This one is a blunt; not a joint, but it’s really a bazooka. The same talented rolling artist who created number seven on our list is also responsible for rolling the world record biggest joint.

Weighing in at 5 pounds, this bazooka blasted everybody away when it was revealed at the 10-year anniversary party of Herbal Remedies in LA.

We’re talking a fully functioning bazooka blunt filled with five pounds of ganja! Weaver says he used Black Mamba Royal blunts to form the inner layer and then wrapped king-size Gold Shine papers for another layer.

He even equipped it with a glass tip and a dowel rod down the middle to ensure it burned evenly and stayed lit for hours on end so partygoers could too.

5. Tommy Gun by Tony Greenhands

Want a Tommy Gun that you can smoke? It won’t shoot any bullets, but it just might blast your face off!

Check out the attention to detail and fine mechanics of this fully smokable masterpiece by Tony Greenhands.

4. Rick and Morty

Yet another amazing artistic creation by Tony Greenhands, number four on our list is a dope set of Rick and Morty characters to smoke.

Would you light them up or keep them on a shelf for a special occasion?

3, 2, 1 Anything by Tony Greenhands

Top 10 Crazy and Best Joints rolled of all time

What do you want to smoke? A Pokémon? How about a juice box? Maybe a watermelon cake?

Anything by Tony Greenhands takes the last three spots on our list simply because he is the greatest.

It was really hard to choose what might be the best work of art from this Oregonian joint rolling artist.

Check out this video of him talking about his job as a professional joint roller.

He gets paid thousands of dollars to roll joints and blunts into any and every form you can imagine.

Check out his Instagram where he posts pictures of his work online.

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